Comment: Channelling Some Ron Paul?

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Channelling Some Ron Paul?

Clint's an actor. I think he did a great job making his manner of speech very much like Paul's. In fact, you could just about replace his voice with Paul's and close your eyes and you could envision Paul, especially when he talked about Afghanistan.

Also, did I discern a very clever method of Clint telling Mitt Romney to go f*** himself?

The ending was very sad though. People in the audience shouting "make my day" as if that's the only thing he's known for. It's a political event, don't tell him to dance for you. Reminds me of the cartoon Family Guy. The episode where Pearl Bailey is trying to do a beautiful aria and everyone in the crowd was shouting "Do Coppertone!" and she cried as she ran off the stage. You would think Republicans could behave more maturely.