Comment: when you are in power....

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when you are in power....

I hope you are not corrupted like 90% of the people are. I have seen it over and over throughout my years of involvement. I hope that when you are in power you vote to let other parties in on the debates and don't get too stuck on yourself.

I remember Naders run. The MSM won the war (because they had the control) convincing everyone they had to vote for the Dem or Rep. It wasn't that people didn't want to vote for Nader, they did. But even those who really did vote for Nader did so via vote swapping so as not to effect the run between the other two. Seriously. Ross Perot did fairly well. and John Anderson managed to get into debates. It is possible but you need money and ideas that spread like wildfire. These are different times and different strategies for spreading the word are available. In the end it is up to people to spread the word.

Taking over the Republican Party was/is a good strategy but you do have to take into account the poor reputation the party has which make it hard to get decent people involved in it. That takes time. Trust. Plus, I have seen many factions take over the party and it turns out to be all talk (thankfully in many cases). You have to consider that might happen as well. You think you have it but you don't.

Power corrupts.

The message needs to spread more, that is clear. (what happened in the RNC was actually helpful in spreading the message, my Dem friends even took note) Then we need to insure the vote will be counted accurately. Then the people can win in whatever party or none. Numbers matter.

Anything is possible!!!!!!

I personally think the 2-party system is horrible for our country and my overall energy will be against that. I will support candidates such as Paul though, no matter what party they are in. Everyone has to do what is right for them and I wish you well.