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Thank you David Robertson and YES

You are correct about the voting systems.

I worked as a prescinct inspector for L.A. County for 8 years. Committee members also work at prescincts, so there are plenty of "inside" jobs going on.

In 92, my next door neignbor was Jerry Brown's campaign chair, so the neigborhood had a lot of Jerry Brown yard signs, and Perot. Those were the two big campaigns that year in my prescinct. When we closed the polls, a precinct worker and I put the locked box containing roughly 10K ballots in the back of my car, and we drove to the drop off. Being Nov, it was dark, and a long line of headlights were lining up behind me as we made our way to the station. It was raining. I remember that night very clearly.

We were listening to the radio for election results when Tom Brokaw announced Clinton as winner. The worker and I looked at each other like WTF? How could that be? They hadn't counted ONE of our ballots or any in the cars behind me, and I thought.. "CA, OR, NV, AZ, WA, Alaska, HI.. none of them had been counted, so how did Clinton win?" That is what motivated me to join Ralph Nader, and many of us who joined Nader, had worked elections.

We should all be working elections, or poll watching and challanging the results. I did that this year and I could find nothing wrong, but that doesn't mean there wasn't.

Working polls is a paid job and it can be a lot of fun when you have a good team.

So, you bring up a very important issue here David Robertson, because besides committee seats, which we should all become guests and have a sit in. We should all be going to these meetings as guests/observers and complaining about what happened at the RNC. THAT is how we send them a message. And we should all register to work polls, and we should also be volunteering for every chance do jury duty.

We need to be the government we want to have, not expect others to be that government for us.