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There is so much I have learned from The Granger and

a lot we can all learn from her inside view of the GOP and how things really work. People are too quick to vote her comments down to the point where I honestly believe her comments aren't being read. They just see her name and automatically vote her comments down. Either that or some people just don't have a grasp of how the game is played, yet.

That aside, I DO agree with you PAF, about the grassroots. I believe the grassroots are absolutely vital to any efforts people like The Granger make on our behalf! Not everyone is effective in playing the cut throat game of politics. The grassroots do a lot of the grunt work, each of us according to our ablities and our situations. That is the one big disagreement I have with The Granger BUT, it doesn't make me blind to what she is telling us and it certainly doesn't diminish my respect for her! I think her point is that all the sign waving and chanting in the world isn't going to change a thing. My point is that need a whole lot more of our intelligent people actively involved inside the GOP.... and we need that badly! But, unlike The Granger, I applaud the grassroots, too. We must ALL work together on many levels.

The Granger is following the course Dr. Paul laid out for us. Is it too late? Is there a better way? If there is, I am not yet aware of it. We all have much to learn and not much time to learn it. If you know of another, more effective way that has any better chance of succeeding, I'd love to hear it. (BTW, that isn't sarcasm. I'm open to serious suggestions.)

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