Comment: We've got work to do

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We've got work to do

for LIBERTY. At present the channels whereby most older Americans get their disinformation aren't airing the Liberty movement. The GOP has a place center stage right now and their corruption during this 2012 election was on full display -- mostly because of the SHARP CONTRAST between the corrupt GOP machine and the Ron Paul Supporters.

The GOP WANTS us to leave so they have no opposition to their lies. We need to challenge their script for our country. We need to infiltrate their camp -- if for no other reason than to tell the truth. Many self-described "patriots" are too dependent on the MSM and simply suffer from disinformation.

Whichever venue each of us chooses to continue our work, let's not criticize or judge one another for defending liberty in any and every venue where we can make a difference, even if we remain in the belly of the beast. If we don't go where the people are, to remind them of the principles we stand on, who will? At my local REC meeting I handed out two sheets of paper - one detailing Romney's position and the other with Paul's position. I was told by three older women at my local REC meeting that it was inappropriate for me to be anti-Romney in that place [mind you, I had just stapled together a news story about Romney and a short description of Ron Paul's stance on that issue from his campaign website]. In truth, their candidate is indefensibly corrupt, so they were ashamed.

Ron Paul went into the belly of the beast. And though his campaigns didn't accomplish all that we wished, he had a stage where his message reached you and me and millions of others. It's not so bad to follow in his steps to offer the TRUTH, which is an essential step in promoting and defending liberty.