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Comment: I don't trust you

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I don't trust you

and here's why.

You rationalize having your hand in the treasure chest by citing Paul's accepting his social security check. This is flawed logic. Ron Paul had money taken from him by force and now the robbers are letting him have some of it back. You, on the other hand, are content to take from the treasure chest. That isn't the government's money you are taking, it is the taxpayer's. So when you claim to be part of the tea party and then justify the above actions, I will label you a hypocrite eight days a week. When the tea party shouts "STOP SPENDING" you should follow that mantra with "except those programs that benefit me!"

That is the issue with too many Americans these days. You keep voting for the guy that promises the greatest access to the treasure chest. You are pushing for us to vote for the guy that will help you get into that chest, that makes you a selfish person.

Obama is going to win anyway, but it won't be me that casts the winning vote for him.