Comment: We need to unify our votes so

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We need to unify our votes so

We need to unify our votes so they know as accurately as possible that whatever party wants to win NEEDS us. If we're to take over the GOP we need them to throw away the theory that they can cheat us and get away with it by still getting our vote.

Rewarding them for bad behavior only encourages bad behavior.

If everyone votes for Gary Johnson... even if he were to lose... it would wake up millions more around the US from the national debates and GJ contrasting heavily against the status quo of Obamney and would give us the upper hand in our takeover of the GOP in 2016.

We need to officially make this our strategy just like our delegate strategy.

Us splitting up our votes and compromising back into the "lesser of two evils" "vote for us because we're not them" fear rhetoric will sabotage our potential to this end and slow down our movement heavily.

We have enough forces sabotaging us for it to be ourselves.

We can't choose Obama or Romney over the other when our main discontent is with what they BOTH do.

As Nader said during a time where information didn't flow freely between every person in the country... "vote your conscious, not your fear".

Now only if people stopped telling themselves they weren't afraid when they were and telling themselves they were voting on principle when they weren't.

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