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yes...the founders knew that

yes...the founders knew that the popular vote could be easily manipulated and the process corrupted. So the delegate selection process created is one of the hallmark differences between a Republic and a Democracy and it eliminates top down control...or rather it USED to. With Rule 12 and 16 now in place the "Republcan" Party is now an oxymoron. With these rules in place no local grassroots candidates will ever again have a voice or be elected President of the Unites States. There will never again be a brokered convention with the excitement of debates and votes and the cream of the crop rising to the top.

If these rules had been in place in 1976 Ronald Reagan would never have gained power in the GOP and never would have won the Presidency in 1980.

Never again will another like Ron Paul have a chance.

THAT is what we lost.

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