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C'mon Troy

Give the mods a break. There are only a tiny handful of them, and I believe (assume) MN is responsible for what gets frontpaged, not them. There is no grand conspiracy here.

There have been a lot of developments that have happened since the RNC. The biggest one of them is how they treated our delegates and RP. They successfully changed the rules to basically allow themselves to rule from the top as they have already proven they will do anyway.

Please don't dump this on the mods or MN's shoulders. They have lives and families and many other responsibilities outside of the DP. They do this because they care about the future of this country, like we do, not because they are getting rich.

Cut them some slack is all I'm asking. We're all angry and upset over the way that many things have turned out. Let's (myself included) try not to take that out on each other.