Comment: Yah gotta do what's best for YOU

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Yah gotta do what's best for YOU

The stuff that went down at the RNC, fires me up. I can't wait for my next meeting.. but, I think it's just I'm a fighter.. When I see stuff like what I saw.. I'm not going to run, I'm going to be IN THEIR FACE.,. I'm holding my committee to the loyalty oath they took to the constituion. I'm going to ask then how they feel about rules changes at last minutes..

I really don't get a lot of folks here, How the hell do you expect to win by running away?

And I fee VERY confident.. I mean, it's like I have no fear, no doubt, no pain.. I KNOW what happened was SHAME ON THEM, not me. Not us.

Anger breaks depression, and people who fear anger stay depressed. My committee seat enables me to channel my anger.

I lift you up in prayer, May God grant you the freedom you need to find happiness, wholeness and well being. Thank you for everything you've done, you were remarkable and an inspration to me.

God bless you constantly and abundantly.