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Just finished the call with

Just finished the call with Evan in Alaska. He is another source, in addition to my source, who says Ron is not ruling it out. He just spoke with Ron yesterday. Ron did not shoot down the idea. What does that tell you?

Evan is not pushing Johnson, he is only suggesting Ron as VEEP because he thinks sore loser laws apply. They do not apply in presidential races. Except for Michigan (where Gary is already not on the ballot) and less than 4 other states where they MAY apply.

For those angry that it's not fair to Johnson...Get over it. It was Johnson's idea. He first floated the idea of stepping aside for Ron. This could not be done without the consent of Johnson, Judge Gray, and the LP. However, keep this mind. Many, many Ron Paul voters will not vote for Johnson. If Ron is at the top of the ticket, the LP has a shot at major party status, which in some states only takes 5% of the vote.

Ignore the comments about Doug Wead ruling it out. Doug is a republican first. I have now heard personally from two people who have personally spoken with Dr. Paul in the last few days and Ron has not shot down the idea. However unlikely, there is a chance. Realistically it's a small chance, but still possible.

Make clear that you are a republican, if in fact you are, who is not leaving the party but would vote for Ron if he were the LP nominee. We also have to understand, Rand would probably have to keep doing his thing for Romney. Ron needs to know we understand that, or he will not do it.

So call Ron, Johnson, and the LP. There is still a glimmer of hope and we have to try. If not for ourselves for our Children and our Nation.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!