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TY SC Butterfly!

Just a couple of weeks ago my preist was talking about this issue. He was saying that God gives us government, as a Catholic, we understand that governments come and go, but God does not.


It's why we work within, become the government we like.

I appreciate what you told me about SC. It is like that for the Democratic Party where I live, and it extends into our community. It's very group think.. I hear people say, "Well, I'm registered GOP because of my grandfather, but I vote Democratis for myself".

I think it's good to take a break when you feel like you do, no guilt, no regrets, no remorse.. Ron Paul is taking a rest, maybe you should too?

I never thought I would join the GOP and I'm happy I did. What I would like to see, is grassroots all showing to the committees meetinsg to tell them how they feel about what happened at the RNC.

Check this out.. last meeting the chair makes a report about the CA convention 10/11/12.. he pulls out a baggie of Romney bumper stickers, me and the other Ron paul Republican were the only two people who took stickers (I collect stuff like that),, One person said they didn't want a stiucker unless it had Ryan on it too. Another person said they would but their own.. another one remarked how cheap they were... No one has a Romney sticker on their car.

I just really look foreward to holding everyone to the constitution. It is THE key