Comment: I am sure you have heard of Agenda 21.

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I am sure you have heard of Agenda 21.

It is the real coup threatening everyone around the world. It is said tyranny will come bearing a cross and draped with a flag, but alas, it is draped in green and has sprouts on top.

In short, it is the agenda for global totalitarianism being implemented at the local level under the guise of 'saving the environment'. Locally it is known as 'Smart Growth', 'Sustainable Development', or ICLEI. It is combined with the biodiversity wildlands project which aims to 'rewild' roughly 50% of the US, these areas are mostly based on ALL waterways and will become off-use to all humans. There will also be an additional 25% of the land used as buffer zones around the aforementioned wildlife corridors. These areas will than be used as hunting preserves for a certain group. This group, obviously, will not be participating in the human settlements. They will own everything. Everything they don't already own, that is.

The plan calls for deindustrialization of this nation, depopulation, herding all human activity into 'human settlements', abolition of property rights, lower the rights of humans to a status below the rights of the 'environment' and animals, the control of every aspect of our lives, 'balancing the rights of the individual with the rights of the community', 'overcoming inequity', along with many other nefarious goals.

It seems that rural Northern California and Oregon are the pilot program for squeezing the people off of their lands. There are many sources covering this on the Internet. Dr. Stan Monteith at Radio Liberty covers them often.

The rural areas near waterways are being heavily targeted now. My land and the land of my neighbors has been reclassified as 'conservation lands' by the local comprehensive future use plans. Different local governments are acquiring all surrounding lands. We live directly in the center of a future wildlife corridor. So our property rights have already been squashed by the rendering of our property unusable. I was first planning on moving, but I love my home and I am going to stay and fight for our rights.

The actually Agenda 21 plan is available at Amazon. Your local jurisdictions will have available your community plans. Here are a few videos with more cohesive explanations. Alex Jones has some great interviews with Rosa Koire as well. She has a book - 'The Green Mask' on the subject.

Rosa Koire

Michael Shaw