Comment: this is precisely the disinfo that i am talking about

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this is precisely the disinfo that i am talking about

this blog was written shortly after tyler durden quoted paul out of context which blew up on here and ronpaulforums.

in a recent interview with bloomberg paul was asked what he thought about his party. he responded like any humble person would. he said he doesn't own the party. he doesn't take responsibility for their choices. he said, "it's not MY party." emphasis on MY.

so some knucklhead posted the headline on here, "paul: gop not my party" which was misconstrued to mean he was endorsing quitting the GOP. but after repeat attempts to get any mod to correct it, they allowed the false rumor to fester and spin out of control.

your faith in that examiner blog is a result of willful ignorance, in part mostly by the moderators who continue to allow this out of context charade to continue.

i would even go as far to suggest this article would never had been written had a mod had the courage to step up and put a stop to it. said author would not have regurgitated it like it was actual news.