Comment: Guess I'm missing the point on the down votes.

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Guess I'm missing the point on the down votes.

Just being realistic, I do hope you all realize that most people don't even know who Gary Johnson is.

Ask a random group of people some time if they've even heard of Gary Johnson. I have, and unfortunately, their answer is that they have never heard of him. Good chances are that if you have friends or know anyone that just watches MSM (most Americans), they have never heard of Gary Johnson.

Being that Gary Johnson has been a two-time governor of New Mexico though, and being that he is the Libertarian candidate getting ZERO coverage, then why not strategize to at least win one state, or at least shake up the polls in other states.

It actually is hundreds of thousands in each state that you're going to have to somehow convince, now about 2 months away from the election, to vote for someone they've never even heard of. And, Ron Paul is not going to run third party. Like I said, I don't think GJ is a bad guy, but he should not be as much the focus, or even trying to get Ron Paul to become president anymore.
The focus needs to shift to local races that can be won in this election.

While I do believe that Ron Paul & Gary Johnson will effect the outcome of the election, neither will win. Our next president is unfortunately going to be Romney or Obama. No more fantasy land for me this year. -- --