Comment: I Read the same Scripture yesterday

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I Read the same Scripture yesterday

I read it researching Thomas Paine and it led to this.

Thomas Paine fired up the American and French Revolution with his pamphlet "Common Sense". Ron Paul's Revolution uses more than common sense and these men are afraid....they shun it as folly and foolishness This film is long but a total eye opener. That George Washington religiously attended church but never joined in communion. that he embraced Jesuit Catholicism on his death bed. That Adams, Jefferson, Monroe , Franklin all Freemasons and Antichrist. They were men who believed in righteous works and in their own power of reason. The discussed and supported Jesus as a good man but denied the Virgin birth. They rejected the parts of the Bible where Jesus is anything other than a man. Our nation is at a crossroads. We are entering into anarchy from rulers that all have a form of righteousness, but deny the power counter it they lead us into slavery and tyranny, hence they appear the same to us, Obama and Romney. We can see through them. They believe in a NWO where reasonable men will not rely on the Son of God which is foolishness to them. These men rule and control with their mentality and easily lose all moral compass. Blind leading the blind. I have no advice, but that you can not quit the good fight. We are not defeated, thought the direction is not clear. Jesus said endure unto the end. Jesus is the president though he left for a time he will return. I feel robbed and raped too. Maybe post a meet up group locally at a restaurant or something and see if you can get any responses to help you brainstorm the problem...just want to know we are with you and your work is really appreciated by me and I will never think it was in vain.