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No, I'm not a farmer. I just said that

in a general sense because this post kind of goes along with my gardening/farming posts... food preservation, traditional foods, etc...

Regarding KT, I once spoke with the owner of and he said the situation in CA started when Lindsay Lohan was arrested because her blood alcohol content was over what she was allowed to have while on probation. She said she had been drinking KT so when it hit the news the KT distributors and stores got worried that the product might be alcoholic. What happens is that KT continues to ferment and produces a little alcohol if the stores don't refrigerate it right away. Also, some producers use too much sugar in their products. Interesting story about Organic Pastures though.

I have a friend that had terrible digestive problems and used to buy digestive enzymes with limited success. I set him up with making his own KT and in a month or two he was completely off his enzymes and his whole outlook was changed. It's only one piece of the puzzle but it's a life changing piece for some.