Comment: Santorum?

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She's from Texas and looks good in a cowboy hat but..... Santorum? Really? Santorum? Paulbot is such a misleading term. I think you could failrly add "bot" to the end of any other supporters name but us free thinking, liberty loving, Paul people. Frothybot, Rombot, Rickbot, Bachbot....It all fits... Paulbot just doesn't work by definition..

Santorum? What is wrong with this lady? Does she really hate non American people so much that she would support a war mongerer like Santorum. All I can think about when I hear Santorum is how much he hates non American people.

It seems like in every political race someone always brings up "race.". They even tried to accuse RP of being racist. Lol. I wish it would become a mainstream idea that being as trigger happy as Santorum and Bachman is racism by definition. killing people simply because of race and religion is such an accepted practice and has become an applaudable notion when mentioned in debates. It makes me sick....
Sorry, off topic. It's just that everytime I hear the name Santorum it makes think about death and destruction. Having to hear his name mentioned this early in the morning just put me in a bad mood.........

Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson