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I think what you've

indicated as far as the actual poll #'s being completely disconnected with the fact that incumbents continue to get voted back into office is much more an indication of how badly corrupt and co-opted our voting system has become, than anything else.

Simply stated, they are stealing our votes! Corruption in our voting system should be up there at the top of the importance list and something everybody needs to work to find a way to correct. I had suggested Ballot Initiatives in another post to not only try to correct this problem on a state level, but also to help bring the issue front and center in people's minds, where it belongs. But once again, it is something that would require a substantial amount of manpower and funds to accomplish..

Although I am sure that some of what you are saying is also in play, I think that voter fraud is as much, if not more, in play as well and MUST be corrected if we are ever to get back full control of the political arena.