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No, I have never been to Canada

But based on what a Canadian friend from several years ago was telling me, as well as what I've read, etc. it sounds like the the Canadian government wants to keep a pretty close watch on "it's" citizenry.

This friend seemed to have just become numb to governmental intrusion as she thought it not out of the ordinary that because she and her husband had decided to raise their children outside of the government's school system that a government employee was sent to their home to observe. This was not once, mind you, but set up as somewhat regular visitation. Where does the Canadian government find the money to pay for that level of big brother? Very creepy and not at all in line with true, American thinking and spirit.

Have you ever heard of Quintland? Long before modern technology, they were all conceived naturally as well as born at home, arriving safe and sound on their farm in Canada. The mother, having given birth in the privacy of her own home did not have her newborns swept away to be placed in incubators, but kept them warm near the family stove, warming blankets, etc. Through the vigilant, loving care of a mother, all five survived.

Anyhow, long story short, there was a doctor who became involved and ended up somehow in possession of the babies and later, the Canadian government ended up confiscating the children from this family, making them state property and made a fortune off of these children by placing them in a carnival/circus style exhibition.

Back to my Canadian friend, she was accepting of this governmental intrusion into her family's private life saying that the person/stranger was "nice." Showing up as a stranger, uninvited and expecting to be hosted as well as forcing future visitations doesn't sound very "nice" to me. But again, that is just one example of the difference in people's thinking who are acclimated to big government versus the thinking of those who value and are striving to stay acclimated to the concept of liberty and freedom.

Are you a Canadian?

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