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Romney will NOT repeal

Romney will NOT repeal Romneycare. As he said, he will try to "replace" it. He will tinker with it so he can put the Republican stamp of approval upon it and Republicans can claim "victory" for being a part of it.

Romney will not eliminate a single government Department. He does even argue to do so.

He does not even argue against the income tax. What good are a couple percentage point reduction in income tax slavery while he rapidly expands government, expands deficits and the debt? Romney has proposed no plan for eliminating the deficit let alone the debt. Ryan's plan does not eliminate the debt. Ryan's plan actually calls for expansion of government and government spending. It is a complete joke. Why in the world would anyone even consider supporting such a destructive path? Because Obama also offers a path to destruction, you must therefore support Romney's path to destruction. It is self-defeating. It destroys prosperity. It destroys liberty. It destroys this country.

Baloney! The right thing to do is to call out Romney for what he is - to speak the truth about both candidates and where their policies lead us - destruction.

There is no substantive difference between Willard Obamna and Barack ORomney. Romneycare will not be repealed. The bulk of Republicans will go back to sleep allowing the Republican Party to expand government at record levels, just like they did under Bush. The debt will grow. The deficits will continue. Not a single federal department will be eliminated. They will continue to embrace the Hitler doctrine of preemptive warfare. They will continue illegal foreign occupations that suck the lifeblood out of resources and money the USA. They both support TBTF redistributionist bailouts. The Patriot Act will not be repealed. NDAA indefinite detentions will not be repealed. They won’t even discuss repealing the income tax. They won’t repeal the Federal Reserve. They won’t push for free competition in currency.

I want someone who will argue for the repeal of the entire income tax. I want someone who will repeal entire federal departments; Who will legalize free competition in currency; who won't support TBTF redistributionists banker bailouts; who will end these vampiric life draining, prosperity draining, wealth draining illegal foreign occupations; who will repeal the Patriot Act; who will repeal the NDAA indefinite detention provisions; who will end warrantless wiretapping or agents writing their own warrants; who will unequivocally repudiate the Hitleresque doctrine of preemptive warfare; who won't just tinker with Romneycare so he can put a Republican stamp of approval upon it but will outright repeal Romneycare; and also phase out other socialist federal programs like Medicare and Social Security.
I want someone who understands the concepts of liberty, not merely someone who might ad hoc pick the better positions on a few isolated issues.

Romney is the pathway to national destruction. The fact that Obama also is the pathway to national destruction does not make Romney any better.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl