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Are You Talking to Me?

If You are, then few words.

If not, then forget what I said.

Why are You saying what You say?

How in the world did I 'start a rumor' and how am I 'spreading false hope to people here'?

I did not start this 'rumor'. I did not write this article and even the guy who wrote it did not start it. There was already a lot of threads about this before I posted this article.

Yes, it is a rumor and as long as people understand that it is a rumor which might have some truth to it or on the other hand might also be 'a blatant fabrication' there is nothing wrong about reporting rumors as rumors. Yes, of course, if one believes that this rumor is for 100% factual knowledge, then one might say that this person is 'hopelessly delusional'. But I don't see many people believing this to be the case.

'Hopelessly delusional' is a pretty strong notion to be used for a thread which is reporting a rumor.

If something is a rumor, then how can 'I know' for sure that it is 'a blatant fabrication'. 'A rumor' and 'a lie' are not the same things, even if eventually they might turn out to be the same thing.

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