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Former Santorum

Former Santorum supporter here. I didn't know about Ron Paul and bought into his supporters being crazy until I got involved in the precinct/state meetings this year. In a very short time I went from actively opposing the Ron Paul movement to joining the ranks and going to a Tom Woods rally before the state convention! lol, talk about a conversion.

It seems that Santorum supporters are the most likely to be friendly to Ron Paul, even if Mr. Santorum himself is not. I think it's that those TEA Party people who believe most strongly in the principles of liberty tended to rally behind Santorum. It's my firm belief that we in the R3VOLution need to use this to our advantage. Especially now that Ron Paul is perceived as "not a threat," people put their shields down, so-to-speak.

We have a future to fight for here - not just an election. - Bringing you Oklahoma, Texas and national news & opinion that matters for liberty.