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Comment: Ah yes

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Ah yes

my panels actually told way low potassium and waaaaaay low b-12. I'm guessing they may not have checked for selenium.

You would not believe all the vitamins, herbs etc I am taking now, even b-12 cyna injections and mega methyl sublingual. Not much help but perhaps a little less space cadet type behavior.

Heard this about spinal tap as well, was not thrilled at the prospect but have "danced around" with so many doctors and neuros that basically refuse to diagnose until your mostly dead I'm guessing so went through ENT thingy to see if my severe vertigo (sometimes it feels as though I'm levitating a foot or so above my head and if you tilt me the tiniest amount, I feel as though I'm falling backward to my death) was ENT. I had a very expensive testing that proved it was not ear but CNS, the ENT told me the only sure way to get the diagnosis was the spinal tap. Then my husband lost his job and insurance so maybe you're right, perhaps it was a blessing.

Taking your info under advisement, will peruse and pursue. Thank you.

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