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Gary Johnson

As a Ron Paul Supporter, I can say that I do not believe anyone has fought for the liberty of the nation and its people more than Ron Paul has in his career. I am as upset as everyone else here that Ron Paul was shut out by the media and the RNC. Although, I would definitely vote for him if he were to run 3P, it does appear that he is done. Unfortunately, some of you on here seem to have a messianic view of Dr. Paul. Again, he is a great man, but he is not a messiah or a savior. It is unfair to him to expect that he should stay in the race for YOU. Maybe he is just tired of all of the BS and after last week he has decided he is done. He would probably still get a bunch of crap from the RNC if he was to run 3P. Because some of you on here view him as the ONLY one, you will not consider anyone else for president. If Dr. Paul does not run, I will vote for Gary Johnson. He may not be RP, but I believe he is on the right track. I certainly will not vote for Barrack Hussein Romney.

I have posted a video below of Ron Paul and some of his supporters. Some of you can get a clue from this.