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My Romney vote is not FOR Romney

Romney was forced on me, and I'm not going to bail. I freely signed a Loyalty oath to become a Ron Paul delegate. I'm not going to quit because THEY lied, cheated and stole the election. I'm not going to break the oath I freely took because ten fat men in a back room FORCED Romney on me. I'm going to stay and FIGHT BACK armed with the constitution, a loyalty oath THEY took.

You want an easy street, NO SUCH THING.

After the rigged election, GJ will return to the GOP. UNDERSTAND?

YOU and everyone supporting GJ are going to look like MAJOR FOOLS and cowards because you didn't STAND for Ron Paul, but FLED because of liars, cheats and theives, who want a NWO controlled by global government.

GJ could have backed Ron Paul. As a Republican, instead of challanging Ron Paul in the nomination process, as an early loser, he did to the Libertarian Party exactly what Romney did to the GOP.

Libertarians want a Libertarian, NOT a REPUBLICAN who steals their nomination. GJ is going to screw YOU, HARD.

What will you do after GJ loses? HOW will YOU be working for liberty after November?

I will be voting NO to taxes, NO to entitlements, NO to a police state, NO to corporate control IN MY COUNTY.

What will YOU be doing?


I don't think you do care.. I think you want an easy way out, which is an easy way in for the NWO. YOU ARE HELPING THEM DESTROY YOU.