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As I have stated on

many threads before. Johann Boehner is my ConMan here in the 8th district of oHIo. Johann doesn't read the platform because John doesn't work for the people. Johann works exclusively for Net-n-yahoo. Johann is Israel's bitch. Johann is the most bought man in the congress.

Johann has a long history and it is a bad one for freedom.

Johann was the whip that busted knuckles to get NAFTA, GATT and membership to the WTO done.

Johann led the charge for the wars in Iraq and Pipeline-astan

Johann is owned by AIPAC

Johann is owned by the tobacco lobby.....Johann is a chain smoker ..3 packs a day. Do you remember when Johann was repremanded by Gingrich for passing out checks on the House floor seconds after a vote that favored the tobacco lobby? I do.

Johann is a bad alcoholic...the man is NEVER sober.

When Johann gets drunk he cries. Johann cries a lot.

Johann is a pervert and may even be a homo....not that there is anything wrong with that...unless you are also a homo on the receiving end of Johann's affections.

Johann has a bad George Hamilton complex...he too worships the sun...he has a tanning bed in his office...I think he sleeps there...kinda like a antithetical Dracula.

There is much more..I will spare you.

I have been voting against Johann for years...unfortunately, my parents...both cue tips, love Johann and they cancel out my negative vote.

My parents worship four people....W. Boosh, Bill O'Really, Sean Shamnity and Johann.

My apoligies.