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Clearly it's not over for Ron Paul

He is going on Jay Leno and his letter says thank you for your continued.
Someone who is not campaigning or someone who has lost and is going to retire would not be going on Jay Leno right before the presidential campaigns kick into full gear unless he they have a story they need to say.
Everybody I talk to dems and Indys all say Ron Paul should continue to run just so people can hear out story.
Ron Paul was ROBBED. People need to hear his story even if he dost get ballott access.
Our now campaign sloagen should be RIGGED. With a Romney R .
It's time we show the world how biased the media is .
How hard it is to get on the ballotts how hard it Is to have a voice.
Ron Paul needs to go on Jay Leno and tell the world that he is MAD AS HELL AND HE AIN'T GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE.