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I appreciate all your work

I appreciate all your work and your stamina for Liberty. I do hope you find it in yourself to continue after a well deserved rest.

I want to comment on your dental issues to share that I am currently curing my son's severe enamel problem. His new teeth came in mottled, puny, yellow and orange with craters that looked like cavities all over them. I was horrified and the dentist said it was enamel hypoplasia (lack or absence of enamel) and there was basically nothing to be done. I remembered reading in Weston Price's nutrition book that some cultures showed evidence of carries remineralizing and healing. I also looked into how teeth grow and stay healthy. One great source was a book by Ramiel Nagel. His book really synthesized a lot of great Weston Price type info. I learned that teeth, like bone, are living tissues and constantly building themselves. Unlike bone they get their minerals through the saliva. Further research showed me that our severe deficiency in K2 (mk-4 type) diverts calcium to tissues that can eventually cause hardening in the arteries and cardiac system but with K2 is signaled to the bones and teeth. After days of research I decided on a plan for my kids and me: K2, Silica, a calcium/phosphorus/mag/zinc complex, MI paste topically on afflicted tooth surfaces, and a homemade toothpaste.

I must report that after 5 weeks on our new protocol, my son's teeth are only slightly yellow, the orange holes that were revealing the inner dentin have turned to yellow and are tiny pin prick size where they were craters before. The craters appeared to fill in from the outer perimeter and have a white ring that grew toward the center like wounds/scabs do. His teeth actually look like they grew in size and density -they appear wider with less space between the next teeth. His teeth are only slight yellow now and are blending in better with his white baby teeth. I am so relieved this is working. My daughters teeth look a tad whiter. I have a mild crack in the enamel of my front tooth and was hoping it would fill in - so far it has not but I am going to keep with this and see if it helps me.

I hope you and others may derive some benefit by looking into remineralizing teeth. I am convinced now that teeth can be helped through nutrition though some problems are obviously beyond natural remedies. Don't despair though because researches have now been successful in regrowing missing teeth and are developing means to bring it to the public. Their success, as I understand it, was through small local ultrasound devices that placed vibration upon the gum area and stimulated tooth production.