Comment: Annette Funicello died of MS triggered by her mercury fillings

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Annette Funicello died of MS triggered by her mercury fillings

coupled with a selenium deficiency.

Only allow one metal in you body at a time. If you have amalgam fillings then surgical staples or bone pins makes two metals. Two different metals in the body make a battery. Sometimes it can cause pain or discomfort not touched by pain relievers. Sometimes that battery dissolves teeth.

If one has dental amalgams do not wear metal earnings. It makes a battery, Fifth grade science but doctors and dentists are clueless. If nothing else it makes people crazy and oddly disconnected.

For now get Selenium 90 and OsteoFX Plus and the Beyond Tangy Tangerine from Wallach.

Removing dental work will temporarily increase your blood mercury levels. Selenium now will help protect you from the toxic stress that comes with removal. Only a few dentists understand the issue. There are lists.

That should relieve your MS issues. The Osteo FX plus will take care of the vertigo.

Except for a daily dose of Fish oils drop all the other herbs (long reason here) except parsley, turmeric and onions and garlic family. It's a mineral deficiency. Only kelp has all the minerals and sea salt. Salt to taste.

Fishy culture found some comfort in the mineral hot springs. Clay baths are another source of minerals. None are complete sources.

Take a bath with a half cup of epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) every morning for immediate relief of the vertigo.

That should keep you busy ;-)

Everything I have written can be backed with good references.

Let's play doctor. That's another book I want to get.

Get well soon!

Free includes debt-free!