Comment: Lohan, Homemade Sauna, probably the best sauna

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Lohan, Homemade Sauna, probably the best sauna

Didn't know that Lohan story. Sometimes I wonder if such events are planned to change the consumer landscape, to remove something good from the market. In most cases, probably not. But I wonder.

I'm happy for your friend! You did him a great help, stillwater! When I have time, I want to get into making my own KT and other beneficial drinks and meals. I love learning about health!

Oh, stillwater, something for your health post: full spectrum infrared saunas. I built one for myself. Although the person who created this sauna, Lawrence Wilson, MD, at, says the sauna produces near infrared heat, I couldn't confirm the percentage of near infrared when I wrote him and talked with him. Because I couldn't confirm it and based on what he said and wrote to me and what I read about the bulbs his sauna uses, I inferred if not near infrared only or mostly, his sauna delivers the spectrum of infrared -- far, middle and near. Wilson recommends three bulbs. I use Sylvania's Havell 250 watt, one of his recommended bulbs. He did speak about this bulb well but said its filament changed, resulting in focused heat instead of wide projected heat, a heat he prefers and thinks very sick people should use rather than the focused heat. What I want to know is Havell's infrared heat distribution: Does it consist of the three kinds of infrared and are they emitted equally or unequally, and if unequal, which heats to what degrees?

From what I've studied, humans generate near infrared heat when working out, moving around, and near is the kind that penetrates the body deepest and easily. But I need to study this issue more because I think we generate the spectrum of infrared, not just one type of it. Whether the sauna produces near mostly or in equal to the other infrareds, at least near is involved. I think it is the most beneficial infrared to life. Close to percentage preference without more research and is what I think bulbs I use is: 33% each infrared type. Based on my research and observations, I'd like 36% near, 32% middle and 32% far.

Having used far infrared sauna for a couple years, I can say this sauna, the advertised near infrared but what I think is full spectrum infrared, has gotten me to sweat more than I did in any other sauna -- far infrared, rocks and wet room. This homemade sauna isn't fancy but it does the job very well and it does it for cheap, real cheap.

Here're methods I used to produce the most sweat in my usual length session, an hour, in my small bathroom while covering the gap below the door to prevent heat escape.

1) By itself and first use, I didn't sweat until 45 minutes into the hour and a half using it. Little sweat, too. Used this method, oh, twice before modifying my method.

2) Next Method: Added spray bottle. Result: a little more sweat and began sweating a little sooner than previous method.

3) Added a small air blowing space heater that has two heat settings, low and high. Turned on to high. Much more sweat and much sooner, sweating at about minute 15.

4) Added shower use before entering room, then turned off shower once I entered bathroom and began session. Shower was to provide condensation because it will heat whether in the air or on body. This method got me sweating in about five minutes. By far, I sweated the most using this method, leaving what I'd estimate to be seven ounces of sweat on the floor below the chair I sit on. After about a half dozen times using this method, my sauna short circuited (read: drew too much electricity) and wouldn't turn on again without short circuiting. Bulbs were fine, though. But I used new wires, the same switch and the same plug. Sauna was up and running again and has been since.

I attribute the short circuiting to condensation seeping onto the small exposed portions of the wires, therefore ruining the wires. Presently, the new wires are "exposed" only where they connect to the terminals instead of an inch beyond them in each of the two directions, the coming and going directions. Also, I changed the wiring's connection from series to what Wilson recommends, to parallel, not that I think series connectivity was the or a reason for the short circuiting. I asked him what problems series connectivity cause. He replied to my question but didn't answer it.

Returning briefly to the latest method, steam. Usually I fill the tub with hot water instead of using the shower. This use provides good amount of steam. I'd say I begin sweating at 10 minutes into a session using this method rather than the shower method which induces sweat at 5 minutes.

So, to recap what I use with the light bulb full spectrum sauna:
1) Spray bottle

2) Space heater used intermittently at my comfort, not continuously.

3) Plugged tub with hot water OR two or three minutes of hot shower. When time isn't important, I use the tub. When I'm racing against the clock, I use the shower. Mostly I use the tub more often than the shower.

Session length: 1 hour.

NOTE: The person whose health is sensitive to heat or is miserable should listen to his or her body especially. Trust yourself, accept what your body is telling you at any time. Do nothing more than what your body tells you. At first, do short sessions and work up to long sessions if desired. Allow heat to escape from the enclosure whether session is in a bathroom or especially in a self-made enclosure.

NOTE II: When wiring, in my rebuilt sauna, my second sauna, I used threaded rather than solid wire at 12 gauge. In neither sauna did I stay with wrapping two wires on any one socket because two 12 gauge wires wrapped around a terminal proved too thick for the screw to clamp down the wires. In my first sauna I used two 10 gauge wires wrapping around the terminals at the switch and all socket terminals. My guess is 10 gauge wires wrapped around any terminal once will do the job. But, again, my present sauna has 12 gauge wires wrapped once around each terminal -- the switch's two terminals and the two terminals on each of the three sockets. I discuss wire gauge because the free instructions on the doctor's website don't mention gauges sizes. That information, however, might be in Wilson's book "Sauna Therapy" which I've read includes sauna construction details and information about body chemistry changes from sauna use. I don't know but I think most of the body chemistry information is calculations and observations from studying his health when he began using his sauna about 12 years ago. A recent book of his is "Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis."

As for me: My hair growth has hastened, skin is firmer, smoother and has fewer blemishes than before using the sauna; finger and toe nails grow fast and nail appearance where a couple toes nails were hardened because they were crammed are returning to normal nail appearance; blood pressure and pulse are near what they should be, low, because I played sports almost daily before dentistry altered my life immensely; all pains are reduced greatly; more urine output; increased blood flow, feels vibrant well after sauna session; blood is less dark when certain areas of the body are pricked to evaluate its color, consistency and outflow which is returning to running out and staying uncoagulated more often than dribbling out and coagulating fast; and cholesterol has fallen about 40 points. All these improvements are since using the sauna, about a month and a half ago three days a week on average, an hour each session.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.