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Comment: There are 60 knwon essential minerats.

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There are 60 knwon essential minerats.

Make sure you get them all. Silica, a calcium/phosphorus/mag/zinc is a great start. R. Joel Wallach has a mineral drink that is pretty cheap. Cheaper than a doctors visit. Doctor or not we need all these minerals or we have disease. We lose all the different minerals in our sweat. Our soils are deficient in 55 of the 60.

Vitamin K: My dad is on warfarin. Calcium discussed.,+J.W.+(1993)+Synthesis+of+vitamin+K-dependent+proteins.+FASEB+J.+7:+445-452&ots=zQwWxxsjBA&sig=ELayjUYbuzFabFlQ1Scc-S4kdv0#v=onepage&q=Suttie%2C%20J.W.%20(1993)%20Synthesis%20of%20vitamin%20K-dependent%20proteins.%20FASEB%20J.%207%3A%20445-452&f=false

Rare Earth Forbidden Cures Wallach, Ma lan 2011. I am not that smart I just found a good answer book, LOL.

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