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I would project around

I would project around 260-270 for Paul on the floor during roll call. Despite only grabbing 190 votes I would say that probably 70-80 Paul delegates felt that they were bound to the primary vote and casted their vote to Romney. Most notable would be in Virginia, where we dominated the congressional district conventions with 21-24 delegates, but during roll call McDonnell gave 43 out of 46 to Romney. I believe Colorado, an unbound state, only casted 8 votes for Paul when in reality we should have had around 15.

The number of delegates Ron had should be much higher because he was cheated out of delegates in Louisiana, Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

Oklahoma should have given us at least, what, 20+ from the CD conventions? We should have been awarded 25-26 in Louisiana. We should have had at least 15 in Oregon. At least a plurality in Massachusetts. And Maine, we all know the story from there.

So all in all the RNC stripped us of at least 95-100 delegates, so the total should have been closer to 400.

Just my analysis.