Comment: This makes sense to me at least

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This makes sense to me at least

When you have spent your entire life educating people about liberty, this is a calling to big to miss.

I believe if Gary Johnson reaches out to Ron Paul AND we show him that the support is greater than ever and we are more energized than ever, then Ron Paul will reluctantly accept the offer and step up one last time - for liberty.

Yes there are some risks especially about the progress we have made in the GOP. Yes this will be used against all these good people who have worked so hard. However, we also now know that they will stop at nothing to limit our message and we just can't let any potential risk stop us from continuing spreading the message. Who knows it may turn out to be the best way to wake people up to the fact that the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Ron Paul has always said that it is about the message, it is about educating people. This opportunity is to big to miss Dr. Paul and even more importantly we all have to fulfill the role God gives us to our best ability. You are called one last time and God will give you the strength you need to again be the torch bearer for the message of love, peace and liberty.

Good luck Dr. Paul, your humility and reluctance to take this role show me that you are the chosen one.