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Oh my. Got my first amalgam in Sept 1964

I just started 4th grade. The victim molars ached. A couple months later I had a severe migraine which put me in bed. They were regular event for 40 years.

In school my report cards had comments about daydreaming. I remember tessellating ceiling or floor tiles, tracing and retracing the patterns . The Retracing was a new feature.

Not only that, the teacher wanted to show me her new contacts. A couple of days later my mom wanted to have staring contests. I was always been game for a new game. I think they were testing me for autism.

My grades were above average. Tuna salad sandwich everyday with fish oil for brain health. Tuna is also high is selenium, which counteracts mercury. I dont' think it was planned.

My sister started getting carsick and having migraines a few years later. She's four years younger than I, We had a different dentist then. I wonder. She calls it "chronic fatigue syndrome". The doctors way of saying they don't know.

Russel Blaylock on mercury.

I have one mercury felling left, for a little while longer.

In fifth grade Karen Z brought clay to class and made these grotesque Easter Island midgets. One day I asked and everyday she gave me a chunk of clay. It was a daily challenge to come up with something grosser than yesterday, as we compared our creations.

There was something very organic about playing with real clay. Now I wonder if was the trace minerals in clay (not that plastic stuff. It's boring.) I wonder if any potters 'enjoy' the clay itself.

Part of my ramblings come from the sense that many others here are struggling with disease. Some 900 diseases can be cured with proper replenishment of minerals.

Up to 93% of US healthcare costs could be cut if we just cured the diseases caused by mineral deficiencies leaving trauma to care for.

Another facet of liberty is from our dependency on Doctors peddling patent medicines to treat doctor caused diseases.

There are a lot of ways to work for liberty. Finding personal liberty whether healthwise, intellectual, or economic gives us something of value to trade in the market of ideas.

There a lot of fronts that liberty can progress. Political Action is one. Especially for the local level even one quiet dissent can damper mass hysteria.

I have a friend who loves to attend Mass. Some others at her church have become belligerent even hateful. She is known for her refusal to consent to such vile nonsense, without a word or a frown.

At on County GOP meeting they had voodoo dolls of Hillary and Barack with pins and all. I never said a word. But I did scowl aided and abetted by my bushy fu manchu. ;-{

When I see you butterfly nym it always makes me smile:-)

Free includes debt-free!