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anniversary is about to pass, and nothing has happened as far as taking action against the suspects in this crime.

I frankly don't see us going anywhere as a nation until we fix our voting system, bring the suspects of 9/11 to trial, and apologize to the rest of the world.

They have been successful at muzzling any public figure who questions it, and made the word "truth" into something that should be ridiculed.

Who would have thought that someone who seeks the truth about one of the most significant events of our lifetime could be labeled as having a mental disorder?

I'm tired of being quiet about it for "PC" reasons. I will no longer support another candidate that is not at least willing to publicly speak out about the farce of an investigation that has lead to all of this insanity.

Our Govt. has been HIJACKED and people are thinking they are going to make some sort of difference by taking over peon positions in the F'ing GOP. What a sick joke.