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You own the air?!?!

When did you buy it? You get an insurance policy with that too? What happens if I fart amidst the air you own? Is that trespassing? Pollution? You gonna tax me for that, Al Gore?

Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else owns the air, dude. And the only conflict created here was by you and your comment suggesting the gross generalization that cigar smokers are bad because you found the few you've encountered in your life to be rude.

...sounds like something a statist/socialist/authoritarian would say... and boy is THAT a slippery slope. Tolerance is the understanding and acknowledgement that while you may disagree with the free choices of another, you do not impose your will against another's free choices. And if you wish to argue that one's free choice to smoke tobacco in your general vicinity is an affront to your own free choice not to have tobacco smoked near you, then you must also accept that the easiest remedy to such a quandary is to exercise your right to freely move about the world and relocate yourself to an area rid of such smells you find unpleasant.

If you find vulgar language deplorable to your ears and happen to encounter a drunken sailor, do you intend to talk him out of cussing every other word? Would you advocate a ban on his right to free speech? Or would you simply walk away and find yourself some company that's more genteel or to your liking?

If you're really a libertarian (and by your presence on this site, it's safe to assume you lean toward that particular orientation), then you cannot also be an advocate of restrictions on what you perceive to be rude or unclean.

The non-aggressionist way to handle your aversion to cigar smokers is to leave them alone while also not helplessly subjecting yourself to an environment you find distasteful. That, or light up yourself and join the conversation. *hands you a Churchill*