Comment: hmm there are questions as Ron says

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hmm there are questions as Ron says

The twin towers were clearly fire related stress collapse -watch it on a big screen if you can find the film. Building 7 was on fire but surely looked like a controlled demolition. Wish the documentary had more pics of the blast site?

Could have been a deep state job? The govt likely did not do it even though they've been involved in false flags before. If it was an inside job the path would seem to point to a corporatist as there was 3 trillion at stake in just the Iraq and Afgan wars..God knows what homeland security is going to cost us -trillions for sure. We damn sure know what the patriot act and terrorist cost us. The economy was headed for the crapper after the dotcom bust -war is for economic reasons and not in a good way..

I distinctly remember Giuliani on CNN that day saying they knew the towers were going to come down so they went ahead and brought them down -maybe he was talking about the firemen? I just remember the shear terror of 50,000 people in those buildings that I thought were toast

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007