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Paulbot here, lol

Well, all I know is I'm for freedom with or without Ron. I hope he wasn't set up to be who he was. Because the bad guys are how they are, who knows. Maybe they allowed Ron to do what he did all these years, maybe they talked to him long ago and directed him to do what he did.

My thoughts about RP pertain to glaring things such as time and again he didn't contrast himself to Romney. That speaks loudly. I cannot ignore that contrast absence. I just hope there are big players among the big players who are trying to drag down the evil and stamp it out of existence.

If all of American history (and more) was contrived, fabricated, manufactured, set-up in that man kept undermining and committing subterfuge to enslave man, I can see life is a chessboard and without a hint of conflict that Ron is but a piece on that board that shouldn't be life, which isn't to say Ron isn't who we think he is, a good, solid man for freedom.

If you were Ron, what else could you have done if asked to play freedom guy? See -- and what I'm about to say isn't a slam against Ron -- our promotion for liberty is more difficult, far more difficult, than Ron's if nothing else because of the advancements in technology since 1976, when Ron became a congressman. Those advancements, however, aren't advancements, they are tracking devices and they cannot be taken alone, outside of the conditions of life then to now.

Sure, I can type on the DP any time and write what I'll write, but in the fight against tyranny, what I write does little to no good broadly and it exposes me as a would-be dissident. What I write does, however, do good for a normal person who reads it, such as you, SC Butterfly, who read my comments to you in your post about what you should do in your local GOP. That's who I write for, the person who loves himself or herself and because of it recognizes that each human should love himself or herself if man is to live and live peacefully and free.

In turn, I write for myself. I want to improve myself mentally so I can influence people to improve themselves, a relationship functioning on reciprocity, fairness, where I think truth is attained.

All in all, I think highly about Ron, and I love him as a man, as a human. I'm content knowing I won't know how Ron Paul came to prominence, and now I'm content knowing I gotta live for freedom.

*ABBA hugs SC Butterfly*

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