Comment: I grew up in Amsterdam

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I grew up in Amsterdam

The place were soft drugs are sold in 'coffeeshops', porn is on cable and available in many stores, were certain areas are 'red light districts' and still came out all right.
However, the ones that were forbidden by their parents actually ended up using soft drugs and buying porn.
In school i had about 4-5 good friends. Four of them started using soft drugs because it was 'exciting'. I did not accompany them to their 'smoking parties' but they still were my friends nevertheless. I did notice that they were getting a little slow. :) I did envy them a little because they had more female interests. That happens when you buy soft drugs for a girl.

Then i got older and had two children, the drugs was everywhere, so i left.

In my opinion, drugs is the ultimate tool to break a society, slowly but surely criminal activity rises.
Police should jail the criminals instead of catching the easy ones that don't shoot back like the ones that use drugs, speeding tickets, throwing gum on the street etc.

Parents should educate their children better, schools are not really the place to learn, it is more a place where you are trained to obey and follow procedure.
Once parents take control back of their children it will be better.
For some religion will help, for me it is common sense.