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I have a simple answer.

I have a simple answer.

(From a consumer point of view)

Why would one take drugs ? Watch porn ?

Here's some hints.

Idleness, boredom, thrill for defying authority maybe, frustration (e.g., in an unhappy marriage with poor sex in the couple), etc.

Keep people and kids busy with positive things. E.g., make sure they are free to work (for themselves, not to be stolen their money by taxation theft), to do sports, travel, entreprise, projects. You name it.

They'll naturally move away, BY THEMSELVES, from what is a waste of time, energy, money, health, and ... self esteem.

Make laws or morally harass/enforce by building moral groups, bringing the morality at school ? The BEST way to obtain the EXACT opposite of what we, you and I, wish for, as in the above.


There you go : because that's PRECISELY what we're putting up with TODAY. "Solutions" they aren't solutions. AT ALL. Instead, which only serve the business, the greed, some of the bigots, or the unashamed sinners, the manipulator, the power hungry regulators. Hypocrisy made as THE RULE.

But !

If we REALLY go back to TRUE Liberty, and not just an ersatz thereof, these problems will slowly but surely find their resolution by the people's own prosperity, responsibility, self esteem, and freedoms RECOVERED.


Bear & Peace.

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