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Thanks for the +1 :-)

IMO, the media would be all of over it, considering his/our r3VOLution, what happened at Convention, etc. He would be on talk shows, and of course we could ask him to speak at various venues. His popularity alone would instigate debate with ryan/biden, even if only once.

I would like nothing more than RP pres, but what happened at Tampa was deplorable. I could not in good conscience ask the LP to do anything unjust, even for our advantage.

I have gone door to door, pumped out thousands of comparison sheets, etc. The area that I am in is democrat haven, Libertarians and some McCain republicans. It took a lot of work to swing voters over to Ron Paul. The dems absolutely refuse to switch party and thus were not able to vote RP in the primary, but they are able to vote across party line in the general. To convince them to look at Gary Johnson this late in the game would be fruitless.

RP is out of the game. Gary Johnson alone will not have the numbers to be considered credible. Combined, we can at least tilt this "contest" and wake more people up to truth.

I +1 you too :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul