Comment: Not a clue what he'll say,

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Not a clue what he'll say,

Not a clue what he'll say, but here's what I'd like to hear from him...

Don't be distracted with the POTUS debate of lessor of two evils, get busy instead
doing some good where you can still make a real difference, and that's in Congress.

Vote for whoever you want for POTUS, the bus is still going over the cliff regardless,
though your choice may delay it takes a little longer, it's all the same at the bottom.

But, if you want more Constitutionalists in Congress then protecting your threatened
rights & liberties, like a Ron Paul, then don't be wasting your time/money/energy now
swirling around on POTUS debate, instead, over next two months, go support all the
Congressional candidates who will take their oath of office to support & defend the
Constitution seriously.