Comment: $16 Trill Federal Reserve loans to foreign banks at 0% interest

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$16 Trill Federal Reserve loans to foreign banks at 0% interest

I forgot to mention. It didn't register at the time. I now understand about "non term adjusted" loans. Perhaps when I read it the first time I got to that phrase and figured the rest would (for all practical purposes) be in Chinese, too; instead, what followed was a simple explanation. And so, it would appear that the "coincidence" of the similarity in gargantuan amounts between this loan issue; Lord James of Blackheath's bank investigation; and the White Hat Reports is, after all, a coincidence. Sorry for my sophomoric surmisings.

BTW, I also now understand about the fraud being perpetuated through "double collecting" by the Fed that you explained above. ("You ought to be ashamed of yourself," said Alice..." Chapter II: POOL OF TEARS)

That's along with one thing I understood on my own! The average American is charged interest on loans from a bank; the United States is charged interest on loans from the Federal Reserve (what our annually-collected federal tax monies go towards, JUST the interest we owe); and yet (some) American and foreign banks can get INTEREST-FREE loans from the Fed. I don't know that that's fraud, but I do know it puts American citizens at a relative disadvantage.

Lastly, so as to limit the eye-rolling I might be causing by my comments & questions, I first googled to confirm what I said above re federal income taxes (funding not our gov't programs but only interest charged to US by the Federal Reserve). And I came across this nice little primer: 10 Things Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve.

And thanks for inspiring my interpretation of this scandal via the title of your own primer: Fed Inflates Itself Beyond "Alice in Wonderland"... $2 Quadrillion (

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