Comment: Porn destroys.

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Porn destroys.

Porn destroys relationships. The majority of the material is produced to appeal to a male audience. The particular positions are chosen for the maximum viewing pleasure and erotic effect for males. The positions in no way demonstrate the proper way to bring pleasure to the female. But the actresses, none the less, act as if it's satisfying. This is the sex education that men and women are receiving. It doesn't work.

So when it comes to practice, men believe they are satisfying the women and women fake it! After the honeymoon is over, the women gets bored with faking, and she wants sex less and less. Most men's biggest complaint in life is, "I don't get enough sex". If the porn was never viewed both men and women would discover the art of the act more organically. It would not be such a one-sided affair. Relationships would last longer and be more satisfying.

Also, porn desensitizes the viewer so that an authentic encounter is not as satisfying.

Pornography officially began in 1953 with Playboy. The timing is eerily congruent to the cultural war waged on American society by certain tax-exempt foundations. IMHO, conspiratorial as it may be, pornography has been a great weapon to demoralize us and thus destroy the family unit. As in the book 1984 and as exhibited in communism, we know that the family unit is in conflict with the totalitarian neo-feudalism that these powerful foundations desire.