Comment: Nonna, what a GREAT find!

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Nonna, what a GREAT find!

I remember the day I discovered that new variety of pine tree: THE CELL PHONE TOWER PINE TREE. It was an appropriate setting given the repugnant circumstance. I was in the parking lot of a courthouse, having been subpoenaed. (Harassment, the bogus charge was dismissed, but I didn't know that yet; in a legal case, you never know how things will go.) As I dragged myself out of my car, dreading the next hour, I looked up and experienced what is called a "cognitive disconnect." Against a backdrop of clear blue sky stood this very tall pine tree. You couldn't miss it. Towering high above the other trees, it's what ordinarily you might think to call "a majestic pine." Except it was so skinny, so... so... UGLY. I'm a tree-hugger. The bare branches of a scraggly old twisted witch hazel is a beautiful sight to me. To me, no tree could be ugly. Yet in a blink, the brain registered: ug-ly. Then it hit me. UGH! A man happened by. "Look!" I cried with alarm, pointing. "It's a cell tower!" The man looked up and declared, "You're right! I'm here all the time and never noticed." He frowned. "I'm kind of sorry you pointed it out. Now I'll always see it that way." He walked on. I stood alone staring up at the stiff, artificial branches, as that faux eyesore stood beaming its signals down on me. I wondered why I was even there to begin with. Again. The whole world was #$%^& up. I turned away, afraid I'd start crying.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir