Comment: You betcha!

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You betcha!

I will support OUR guy until my last breath.

I first became tuned into Ron in 1999. And what he did in CONgress and the committees, how he grew up and how he lives his life - wow!- I was in awe of such a magnificent man.

All he has done and what he has accomplished is phenomenal. He is SO very special and a moral compass for everything that is good in the world.

As he says "We must all strive for virtue and excellence." And that is Ron in a nutshell. He has changed my life. Each and every day he is a part of my life.

There is No one who has worked harder for We the People. No one. Period. And I will support him whatever he chooses to do.

He has stated that he is not going to endorse anyone and I do not feel for a second that he is going to run 3rd party.

When his term as CONgressman in Texas is done he will be done with the political machine. In in that arena HE has changed it. It will never be the same. He was the spark who started a Revolution.

It has always been about education and he has succeeded wildly in that endeavor. More people are awake than ever before and the globalist agenda is being exposed.

He deserves the time to be with his family and get some R & R. Although, I know he will not stop fighting the good fight.

I truly do LOVE this man. He is a statesman of the very finest kind. The only one we have and we who have and will continue to support him are truly blessed to be able to a part of his life and all he has done.

God Bless Dr. Ron Paul

Ron Paul is My President