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I am referring to supporting candidates.

First I will deal with voting. I am not suggesting that you should not vote at all. I am saying that any vote in the Presidential campaign that is put into an electronic system will become the property of the oligarchy who will assign it to whomever they choose. They may assign it to your chosen Presidential candidate but they may not. In any event it won't be within your control.

On the other issue of spending time money and efforts: many DPers walk their precincts with literature and donate to campaigns. They man phone banks and pursue get out the vote efforts. This is what I mean about spending time money and efforts to help Constitutional liberty candidates. If the Presidential campaign sucks all the efforts money and time of supporters into their sails then many smaller candidates whose needs are more modest could be ignored and therefore not be elected.

Given that the main two parties have war chests in the $billions and the GJ campaign is in debt it seems to me that any time money and energy could be best focused on Congressional and State races.

These are just ideas that I am throwing out to get people to think about alternatives to better use their time and money which are in limited supply it seems in the rEVOLution since Dr. Paul raised only about $38 million in sixteen months. If everyone gave $250 or about $17 a month that would mean that only about 150,000 people contributed to his campaign. Even with all the shenanigans he said that he got 2 million votes and we know he had one million followers of Facebook. That tells me that those who are supporters of Dr. Paul do not have a lot of spare cash to spend on supporting political candidates.

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