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When I was in engineering college

we studied the construction of the WTC - each tower was and still is unique in it's design and construction.

Time does not permit me to address each of the fallacious claims in your rant, but here's a real easy one:

The 'extreme weight' you mention amounts to just under 6 pounds per square foot, assuming that the entire planes were on one floor - which we know they weren't. So if the plane spanned three floors, that's a little under 2 pounds per square foot. 32 ounces - a medium soda.

Filing cabinets, desks, people, bathroom fixtures all weigh much more that that. The incremental weight can easily be carried by the building - in fact, the plane would have weighed LESS than a floor full of filing cabinets.

It appears that the "evidence" you demand has been given to you, but you just haven't fully grasped it yet.