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I just hate baseless "facts" being thrown around. I'll go paragraph by paragraph:

Porn destroys relationships. The majority of the material is produced to appeal to a male audience. The particular positions are chosen for the maximum viewing pleasure and erotic effect for males. The positions in no way demonstrate the proper way to bring pleasure to the female. But the actresses, none the less, act as if it's satisfying. This is the sex education that men and women are receiving. It doesn't work.

Sometimes. Not always. In fact, a lot of the newer companies starting up are specifically targeting women, and they're making a killing in the marketplace now because for a while women were a completely untapped market for porn, as the producers for some reason though women wouldn't be interested. Now that that things have gotten a bit more liberal, they're realizing the huge potential market they missed out on. I'll disagree that it doesn't work. Every person is different and has different things they do like and don't like. If a guy goes into a bedroom expecting to be Peter North and the gal to be Jenna Jameson, he's in for as big of a surprise as a guy expecting to win fights like Arnold or James Bond. The key here is being able to separate fantasy from reality. The argument you make is essentially that people cannot or willfully do not make this separation. The problem here is that the same applies to ANY form of fictional entertainment. Why are relationships bad? Because people watch Two and a Half Men and think Charlie Sheen is a role model. At a certain point, we must teach ourselves and our children what is real, what is not real, and how to separate the two.

So when it comes to practice, men believe they are satisfying the women and women fake it! After the honeymoon is over, the women gets bored with faking, and she wants sex less and less. Most men's biggest complaint in life is, "I don't get enough sex". If the porn was never viewed both men and women would discover the art of the act more organically. It would not be such a one-sided affair. Relationships would last longer and be more satisfying.

This is false. I know Christian couples who have never watched porn who after years of marriage need to see sex therapists and the like. Porn is actually RECOMMENDED in those cases to help get the imaginative juices flowing. And lets douse the sexism here quickly. I know women who expect all men to be as long as a forearm and have the stamina of a Tarahumaran runner. It's not just sex and raised expectations. What you're describing is a complete lack of communication between partners. The woman never voicing an opinion on what she wants, the man never listening to what the woman never says. How in the world can you blame this on porn as opposed to an absolute lack of communication on the part of the partners?

Also, porn desensitizes the viewer so that an authentic encounter is not as satisfying.

I'll disagree with porn desensitizing the experience so that it's less satisfying. Heck, I've had girls bring up porn before or get ideas from porn. The desensitization is about the same as a guy realizing he's not able to fly and fight crime, or a woman realizing she doesn't look like a supermodel. It's a silly expectation built up in the head that rests on fallacy. The cure is simple: learning to separate fantasy from reality.

Pornography officially began in 1953 with Playboy. The timing is eerily congruent to the cultural war waged on American society by certain tax-exempt foundations. IMHO, conspiratorial as it may be, pornography has been a great weapon to demoralize us and thus destroy the family unit. As in the book 1984 and as exhibited in communism, we know that the family unit is in conflict with the totalitarian neo-feudalism that these powerful foundations desire.

Again, the above is just lacking in facts. Pornography didn't start with Playboy at all. Porn began in America long before 1953, and there were even pornographic movies before Playboy got started on the magazine front.

Porn makes money. Lots of money. The reason is because people want it and buy it up all over the place. There are multiple things in the country going on to bust the family unit up, but it's really not some sinister force laughing maniacally, it's just change. Cultures change, people change, and especially as a society grows more decadent, the family unit gets beaten severely from all fronts.

I was more referring to the prostitution at that point in time, of which there are multiple references to voyeurism as a form of pornography. Watching two professionals get it on and paying the house. Just because it's not printed doesn't mean it's not the same sort of activity.

Eric Hoffer